What to Expect

A Welcoming, Growing, Worshiping and Sharing Church

Queen Street Baptist ChurchIt is often stressful to visit a new church.. What do people wear? What kind of music do they have? Will there be people like me?

Queen Street Baptist Church is a multicultural church with people from numerous countries across North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

We are a multigenerational church with children, young families and mature adults.

Queen Street Baptist ChurchAlthough we are a Baptist Church, we have people of traditions from Anglican to Pentecostal with everything in between. Our focus is on what C.S. Lewis called “Mere Christianity” rather than denominational differences.

Our worship includes both traditional hymns and newer praise songs. Our priority is not the age of the song but on how it can be used to draw us into God’s presence.

As for what to wear, come as you feel comfortable. You will find people in t-shirts and shorts as well as suits and ties.

What is most important is that we come together to worship God and to grow as followers of Jesus.

Our worship includes the reading of and reflection on the Bible. We also emphasize prayer, with an opportunity for people to (voluntarily) share needs during the service. We conclude with a time of fellowship and refreshment at the back of the church.

Parking is available at the church and there is free parking on the street and in the city lot behind the church off William St.

If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Julie-Ann.